Pervok's 2014 Expedition

by Pervokative



released September 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Pervokative Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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Track Name: Winged Man
Attained fame beyond
Wildest dreams
And at the height of it all
Fell to earth
Track Name: Peanut Butter Sandwich
Mmmm... do you guys know what the fuck I could go for? Yeah... a sandwich

Peanut butter peanut butter peanut butter crazy
talk about the only way you people getting laid, see
dog lick your dick like it's lickin' the pussy
wow that's clear, can you see the similarity?
Peanut butter jam bitch make me up a sandwich
not a fuckin' manwich what you didn't know I'm
classy? Eat my wich with a fork cause
in all truth I am downright trashy
all the proof that you need is I'm killin verses about
sandwiches could never rap about god
I love food but that's just plain blasphemous
welcome to the crazy bus now you're comin here with us
to sandwich land, its a magic land
followed by an ampersand, cause a mothafuckin
sandwich, needs a friend or two
maybe three or four, yo, if you count the booze

No wich or booze damn it's time to cruise
hit up that LB we got what we need now
light up that sandwich im so fuckin' famished
smokin' it or eating it its all the same my
sandwich provider is playing the right game
cause im makin that man there very wealthy
shit so good it drives me insane
think he laced this shit man i think im melting

Hmmm, now we eat this shit up
gettin fucked up so you know whats up
drunk or high you know we don't give a fuck
runnin' out of shit better jump in my truck
one block, two block, three block, four
bustin' shit and then we smokin' up some more
awesome, FUCK drop my sandwich on the floor
in a residential with my pedal to the floor
What!? oh shit shit there's a fuckin' pig
driving real paranoid slowin' down my rig
oh no, I'm gonna get a DUI
what the fuck it's literally a pig man I'm so high
J's gettin low better light me up another
keepin' out an eye for a stupid undercover
fuckin' with my sammy is like fuckin' with my mother
so shit, chillax, and light me up another
Track Name: Depths of Despair
Depths of Despair
And in the great heights of hope

The best is yet to come
Track Name: Groove Time
None, sadly :(
Track Name: Exorcism
This tremor in the ground makes the evil come around
jumpin' to these beats made crazy by this sound
pound for pound the most evil shit around
lost and never found let the demon come inside
perform an exorcism kill the monster in your mind
no soul inside suffocate it strangle it mangle it
fang bang it like the demon bit you, murder it
Track Name: I Love Me
Ain't nobody love me like I love me
Ain't nobody hittin trees like I hit trees
Pedal to the metal
Bitch, I'm a metal head
Endin' up dead, that's how I get my street cred
Track Name: Cootchie
Get down to the cootchie X8

I chose my name cause im a perv, ok?
If you think im ridiculous i have everything to say
like bodacious curves and great tits and ass
i say what i want, i dont need to show class!
Babe im home from work and i had a hard day
and i need you to do somethin to take the pain away
get on your knees and deepthroat my cock
no matter what i say, please never stop!
When you're done with that, don't wipe your tears
because you know me i love the smell of fear
you better lemme destroy something that you hold dear
like that sweet sweet pussy or delicious rear
so get that ass all in my face
ill drink you straight, i don't need no chase
ram you like im gonna stuff you, cram you
if you think im psycho it's because i am
Track Name: Sounds Good Ft. Tylan Kemp
You can't see how I'm feeling
These words mean nothing
Let the music do the talking
Feel the power
It sounds good
It sounds so good